A personal loan of more than 2000 USD in 24 hours?

It seems impossible, right? Surely you associate the idea of ​​asking for a loan from traditional banks, paperwork, waiting time and repetitive calls to know if they can finally grant you the credit. Technology advances and financing too. Lite Lender loans (Finance entity ) are a clear example of modern financing, fast and without waiting.

When smallcredits are not enough to cover an imponderable, Lite Lender is the solution . A small reform at home, that computer that has not just worked, a trip to disconnect from the world, the unexpected repair of your car … Breathe and discover all the information, advantages and disadvantages about Lite Lender credits.

Fast credits of up to $ 2,500 to be returned in 24 months and without leaving your home. All procedures are online. Ready to discover new personal loans?

About Lite Lender

About Truloans

It is normal for you to ask who or who are behind Lite Lender. It is not the same to borrow from a bank with history and recognition than from an entity that you have never heard of. Let’s make the presentations.

Lite Lender belongs to the Finance group, the same credit institution behind Vivus and MMSCredit . This financial group has been in operation since 2008 and has established itself in more than 15 countries as one of the strongest and strongest groups in consumer loans. In 2012 he opened an office in Spain and a year later in the United Kingdom.

This company is associated with the AESIP (Spanish Association of Small Loans) which is responsible for ensuring the rights of consumers in this type of financial sectors.

As you can see, we are not talking about any lender, behind Lite Lender there is a large firm that has a very good reputation in the financial world.

Now that you know the brand, let’s assess your online loan offer.

Lite Lender personal loans

Truloans personal loans

With Lite Lender credits you will not have to change banks or invest hours in processing. You only need a computer, WIFI connection and five minutes of your time. These are the steps to make the credit request:

Three simple steps to get the money you need and without leaving home. The new online loans are that fast, safe and without small letters.

APR, TIN and interest on Lite Lender credits How much do I have to pay in commissions?

APR, TIN and interest on Truloans credits How much do I have to pay in commissions?

First of all, it is important that you know the differences between interests and commissions. Interest is subject to the APR (equivalent annual rate) and the TIN (nominal interest rate). As advice, it is better that when applying for a personal loan you look more at the APR, since it gives a more real data on the total cost of the operation.

The annual rate of Lite Lender credits, depending on the amount and time of return of the money, is usually over 116%.

The best way to see the final cost of credit is to give an example. Thus, you will clearly see how much money you will have to pay monthly for a loan of $ 1000 to be repaid in one or two years.

  • If you ask for a loan in Lite Lender of 1000 USD to be repaid in 12 months , you will have to pay a monthly fee of $ 125.00. After a year you will have paid a total of $ 1482.00. Therefore, interest amounts to $ 482.00.
  • If you ask for a loan of 1000 USD and decide to return it in 24 months, the monthly fee will be $ 83.00 and at the end of the two years you will have paid $ 2024.88. The interest being $ 1024.00.

What do you see now much clearer? Anyway, if you want to try different amounts and periods of time you can try the Lite Lender credit simulator , so you can ask yourself how much money and terms are best suited to your situation.

Loan Commissions

Regarding the Lite Lender commissions, you are in luck as there is no commission for study, opening or early repayment. Nor will you have to hire any type of associated product such as insurance, policies or the like. Here is a breakdown of all commissions and their percentages:

  • Study and opening commission: 0%
  • Commission for partial amortization. 0%
  • Total loan repayment: 0.5%
  • Monthly deferral fee commission: 20%

It is very important that before requesting a personal loan, either in Lite Lender or in any other lender, you study the commissions and interests very well. As you will see, this entity offers good conditions as long as you can meet the monthly fees. Therefore, before asking for a credit, ask yourself the following question, will I be able to meet the monthly payments without failing any month?

Does Lite Lender grant credit with Financial Credit Institutions?

Does Truloans grant credit with Financial Credit Institutions?

Financial institutions that lend money analyze the profiles of applicants. A fundamental requirement is usually not to belong to an Financial Credit Institutions or late payment list. However, if the debt for which you appear in Financial Credit Institutions is not related to personal loans or credit cards and is not of a large amount, you can enjoy Lite Lender credits . To do this, you will have to make the request and wait for your confirmation response.

What requirements must be met to apply for a personal loan in Lite Lender? H2

To request your money online with Lite Lender you don’t have to give any explanation. You use the money for the purpose you want, you don’t need to justify the purpose of using your loan. Of course, you will have to meet a series of basic requirements to get your credit in 24 hours.

  • Age: Between 25 and 70 years old
  • Residence: You must reside in Spain and have valid supporting documentation (DNI / NIE)
  • Bank Account: You must be a bank account holder in any entity.
  • Personal mobile phone: For communications and contact you must have an active mobile phone line.

When they study your online credit application they will also ask you for proof of your monthly income. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a payroll, they also grant loans to freelancers. The important thing is that you have recurring monthly income. This will be sufficient guarantee for them to value the granting of your money.

Lite Lender reviews

Truloans reviews

One of the least positive opinions about the Lite Lender lies in the expected time until the money is entered. As they indicate, the money can be in your account in 2 hours, but this is always subject to the bank with which you work. As a tip, and to avoid surprises, we recommend that you check with Lite Lender the banks with which they work to ensure the waiting time.

According to Truspilot and based on 300 customer reviews, Lite Lender’s score is 9.2 out of 10 .

In summary, users value positively:

  • The speed in the granting of personal loans . Answers in less than 24 hours, almost instantaneous to know if the loan is made or not effective.
  • Transparency Another value that stands out is the transparency regarding the payment of commissions and interests. Lite Lender shows from the first moment the amount to be paid month by month and the total interest depending on the term chosen for the return of the money.

You also have credit cards that offer you liquidity of up to $ 5000 . In case you need money for an amount less than a personal loan you may also be interested in knowing what are the best current credit cards (internal link with anchor the best credit cards to the credit card page)

Whatever you decide, remember to know in depth any loan before applying for it and do not borrow from excessive amounts that involve a great effort to pay. We put all the updated information at your fingertips. It’s up to you.